Today, more than ever, everyone is under enormous pressure to sell more products at better margins. With the overwhelming flow of information and shorter deadlines, having a trusted source to pull data and understand metrics is critical to success. OSMG's Category Management Team are data experts. We understand data from various sources and develop a plan to best serve our clients and customers.

  • Data analysis and recommendations on all categories / scannable UPCs
  • Account specific data
  • Analyzing Market 6 Data
  • Project work and analysis of 8451 Data
  • Out-of-stock prevention projections
  • Planogram analysis and recommendations
  • Consumer insights and behavior
  • Space management analysis
  • Post promotion analysis
  • Ad tracking software

OSMG can also provide access and execution to the following Kroger proprietary marketing programs:

  • 8451 Mailers-LCM, Solo Mailers and Themed Events
  • Kroger Digital Download Coupons