National Coverage That Drives Results

OSMG offers a variety of services including access to real-time data, in-depth analysis and insights, and innovative co-marketing solutions. 


Analytical/category insights management & marketing

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  • Nielsen Answers on Demand (AOD) syndicated data provides sales information on all reporting retailers in the country and all categories in stores.

  • In partnership with selected clients, OSMG uses IRI Unify to help with sales analysis of specific manufacturer's databases.

  • Demographic profiling through Nielsen AOD Panel provides insight to know who your target market is and how to better reach them.

While having access to an abundance of data is important, we realize that interpreting that data is what lays the foundation for critical business decisions. We offer a variety of insights to assist you in making smart choices.

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  • Category insights and customer activity

  • Business reviews and opportunity assessments

  • New item launch presentations

  • Post-promotional analysis

  • Proprietary custom syndicated reports

  • Space management

    • POG and mapping software

    • Share of shelf analysis

    • Assortment analysis

    • Plan-o-gram personnel headquartered within many of our retailers

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Our team has the capabilities to create professional promotional materials to draw attention to your brand.

  • Direct mailers (traditional or digital)

  • Instant redeemable coupons

  • Flysheets

  • Digital and social media integration

  • Free standing inserts

  • Graphic design