OSMG has teamed with one of Walmart’s five approved PSPs (Preferred Service Providers) to supply in store retail support in all stores nationwide. Our retail service provider has over 2000 merchandisers assigned to work exclusively in Walmart and Sam’s stores, and is working with OSMG for our in store retail execution. OSMG’s management of these services in support of our client’s needs to maximize OSA (on shelf availability) include:

  • Monitoring POS sales to identify PODs not scanning
  • Creating work orders for each store to correct issues
  • Directing the PSP to address and resolve OSA issues
  • Monitoring results of store work
  • Reporting findings and action taken for each client

Additional in store services available through the PSP Partnership:

  • Comac display execution assurance
  • Competitive activity surveys
  • Rotation of short dated product
  • Client surveys as needed
  • New item cut in assurance