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Analytical/category insights management & marketing

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Our philosophy of Shopper Marketing is rooted in the passion to deeply understand your brand’s specific benefits and consumer targets.  Our in-house Analytics/Category Insights and Marketing departments offer our clients exclusive access to Customer Specific Marketing’s expertise with vertical alignment at Kroger.   The marketing team leans on these learnings to assemble the right solutions to drive sales while aligning with your budget and brand goals.

Analytics & Category Management Insights can provide your brand with the following:

  • Ad tracking software

  • Space management and post promotion analysis

  • Analysis of Market6 Data

  • Project work and analysis of 84.51° Data

  • Account-specific data

  • Out-of-stock prevention projections

  • Planogram analysis

  • Consumer insights and behavior

  • Recommendations based on analysis in rest of market data through IRI

Marketing brings to you:

  • Assistance in narrowing down programs to achieve your brand goals

  • Cost estimates across key marketing providers

  • A one-stop resource for overviews on marketing options

  • Partnership in developing yearly marketing plans to share with Category Management

  • Tracking and analysis of vehicle performance, where available

  • Established relationships and experience with 84.51° Best Customer Communications, 84.51° Kroger Precision Marketing (targeted digital solutions), You-Tech digital coupons & PickUp coupons, News America in-store vehicles, Live Naturally/Optimum Wellness, and beyond