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Retail services

OSMG's Retail Team provides extraordinary coverage in all Kroger stores. By having so many feet on the ground, OSMG seamlessly delivers all of the following services:

  • Identify and correct zero sales issues to increase POS/Distribution percentages

  • Correct out-of-stocks

  • Work with retail to cut in new items not completed by Kompass team

  • Ensure tags, signage and displays are in place

  • Retail price checks

  • Execute display surveys approved by Kroger corporate

  • Competitive Price Checks and retail intelligence as requested

  • Provide personnel for special projects

  • Audit retail conditions to identify new opportunities and provide feedback to Kroger and clients

Retail Tracker

Our Retail Tracking is a database retail management tool designed to roll-up all retail information, providing real-time access. With OSMG Retail Tracker, we can provide you with the following Kroger data:

  • Communication flow to and from the field

  • New item tracking

  • A record of retail conditions and actions taken in-store to correct or enhance shelf presence

  • Kompass integrity confirmation

  • Manufacturer questionnaires